On the Road: Diocesan Pilgrimage Thoughts

As you are no doubt aware, from March 2-19, I hit the road and visited almost every parish and mission in the Diocese of Tyler as part of what I called my "Lenten Pilgrimage." This was an incredible opportunity to visit with the clergy and people of the Diocese. We prayer together and talked about the good things in our diocese and parish... Read More

On the Road: Generosity & Stewardship

This past weekend, we kicked off the 2015 appeal for the ministries of the Diocese of Tyler.  Over the years, your support of our appeal has been nothing short of remarkable.  I'd like to share some of my thoughts with you about being good stewards of the funds that you are so generous with.

On the Road: Youth and Truth

Thanks to your commitment to supporting our diocesan ministries, especially sharing the truth of our Catholic faith with the youth of the Diocese of Tyler, we've been able to hire a full-time youth minister.  Mark Knox started at the Chancery this week. It is eternally important to me and all of us that we share the treasure of our anci... Read More

On the Road: Celebrating Funerals

Already in 2015, I've celebrated the Church's funeral rites for a number of people in the Diocese, including one of our deacons.  While it may sound strange to use the word "celebrate" in conjunction with a funeral, the liturgy and rites for the dead focus us on exactly that - our celebration of Christ's victory o... Read More

Communicating Jesus Christ: My Thoughts on the CET

I wanted to share my reflection for the January issue of the Catholic East Texas with my blog readers.  I reference a survey which is underway about communications in the Diocese of Tyler.  Please consider taking about 60-seconds to complete that survey online.  Your responses will be of tremendous benefit for us...


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