February 22........The Chair of Peter

Well February has kind of slipped through my fingers. When I last wrote I had hoped to get in a Saint Valentine's Day series of runs but obviously that didn't happen.

I am planning to run through March with another 31 runs in 31 days. Your pledges to the Chapel of Saints Peter and Paul and to the Soceity of Saint Vincent de Paul are welcome. In October you donated just shy of $9,000 which was split between the two causes. THANK YOU!!!!!


We had a good meeting with Bob Brown our architect. Lots of things to look at as we balance reducing costs with maintaining the beauty of the design. If you haven't seen the drawings of the Chapel they are on display at St. Paul's Chapel. I encourage you to take a look. It is a challenging process but I am pleased with how things are moving forward. So many of you have been such a tremendous support and I know we all look forward to getting the Chapel started. We hope to have some adjusted cost estimates soon and we will share them as soon as we do.

Let us continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will guide this good work to completion. Please encourage your friends to check my blog for updates on the Chapel. I'll do my best to post new information as it is available...........in between my runs!!!!!!!!!!!!
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